COVID-19 and the effects on the local fishing community

COVID-19 and the effects on the local fishing community

Hello all! Coming to you from our own little quarantine in the Saltwater Ammo Co. shop!

We hope that you are staying safe, spending much needed time with family, but most of all, finding the time to hit your favorite fishing holes!

I wanted to take the time to stress how it is important now, more than ever, to support local; restaurants, mom and pop shops, bait and tackle shops, and our commercial fishermen. With the majority, if not all, of the local commercial fishing business selling to local restaurants, restaurant closures has put an almost halt on sales (about 80% of U.S. consumption of domestic seafood take place in restaurants- not at home). Local commercial businesses have resorted to selling straight to the consumer, straight from the dock, in order to continue to make a paycheck to take home to their families. You can follow ‘Wicked Inlet Seafood’ out of Murrells Inlet, SC, to see when they will be selling at Crazy Sister Marina.

If DIY is more your style, head on out on your skiff and catch your own! We are seeing more and more friends and neighbors on social media posting their catches and enforcing the importance of being able to catch their own food in these trying times when shortages seem to be more apparent each day (too bad you can’t catch a roll of toilet paper out in the river). Local fish enthusiast and all around girl power bad ass, Sara Bryson, is thankful now more than ever for her vast fishing knowledge she has collected throughout the years. “In times of crisis where processed meat is at a shortage, being able to hunt/ fish and prepare an individuals own game quickly turns into a necessity. I believe in times like this it makes people realize they need to rely more on themselves for food” she explains.

Our local bait and tackle shops are still open, catering to your fishing needs so you have the tools you need to be able to get out on the water and fill those freezers! If you have never participated in the sport before, what better time to learn a new hobby! “The spring time is typically our first wave of increased sales for the fishing season. Sales are up simply because the winter is over but they are not where they should be during the busy month of spring breakers. We are fortunate to see our regulars getting out and fishing but we are definitely taking a hit from the lack of tourism” states Claire Collins, manager of Perry’s Bait and Tackle, located on HWY 17 Business in the inlet, next to Wahoo’s and Bovine’s Restaurants.

Our products are available from our retailers, as well as online for purchase. We are currently working on setting up our Facebook to be able to purchase lures and merchandise there as well.

Slow down, wash your hands, and support local.


-The Saltwater Ammo Co. Family

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