The Battle Box is designed to make life easy on those looking to have everything they need to take off and go fishing!

Target new Species!

The Battle Box, can be found in many different species types. From kings and wahoos to flounder, drum, and sheephead. Having everything you need in one spot to start targeting a new species.

Start a New Season!

The fish are biting and you have to go! But, your tackle from last season is worn, out dated, or you just cant find it! Just grab a Battle Box, some bait and go!

Exclusive Boxs!?

Though some Battle Boxes will be exclusive to certain retailers. The King Box is sold in most locations that offer Saltwater Ammo Co.’s Fishin’ Ammunition. Add us on facebook and keep posted on where you can find or exclusive Battle Boxs.


Each Battle Box is different. Each box contains hand selected items to cover all your needs to target a specific fish! The King Box for example contains: 3 pre-tied King Rigs, 3 asst. Jig heads, 25ft+ tooth proof wire, 3 extra mustad ultra point trebles, 1 SAC King sticker, 1 Water-proof storage box, a small gift from Saltwater Ammo co.