5in EZ Hub Skirts


  • Perfect for multiple applications. Use these to make or modify your lure and skirt combinations to what works best in your area.
  • Made with a solid bonded silicone hub, our skirt can fit many different size jigs or rigs.
  • Fitting over swivels and rigging, these skirts are made to be changed easily and can be placed in front of other lures as a teaser.
  • Many customers make full dredges, where they can do color changes with out the expense of buying another full dredge.
  • Triple (3 pack)
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Additional Information
Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 1 in

Blue White Alt 005SW-5, Blue White Str 305SW-5, Blue White Alt w/ Clear 105SW-5, SOLID White Glow 021GSW, Blue Pink White 102SW-5, Pink White Clear 106SW-5, Pink White Str 307SW-5, Blue Red Yellow 107SW-5, Yellow SOLID GLOW 012sw-5g, Yellow Orange Alt 004SW-5, Yellow Orange Str 304SW-5G, Clear Green Flake 020CSW-5, Green Yellow Orange Alt 011SW-5, Green Yellow Orange Str 311SW-5, Green Yellow Alt 003SW-5G, Green Yellow Str 303SW-5G, Bright Green 019SW-5G, Green Black Thin Bars 030SW-5, Green Black Thick Bars 002SW-5, Green White Black 050SW-5, Orange Purple Alt 200SW-5, Black Purple Alt 001SW-5, Black Purple Yellow 108SW-5, Black Pink Alt 018SW-5, Black Red Alt 016SW-5, Black Red Str 316SW-5, Black Orange Red Alt 022SW-5, Black Orange Alt 112SW-5, Black Yellow Bright Green 111SW-5, Black Yellow Green 024SW-5